Student of FIT Momir Savić delivered a presentation at TU Sofia on Digital Twins and Smart Campuses

Momir Savić, student at the Faculty of Information Technology, University “Mediterranean” Podgorica is currently on a one-semester mobility at the Technical University of Sofia (TU Sofia) under the Erasmus+ program. He presented his work on a student project Digital twins and smart campuses. The presentation was part of the international Erasmus+ week, which brings together students and academic experts from various countries to exchange knowledge and experiences.

In his presentation, Momir briefly introduced himself and shared his experiences during the mobility in Sofia. He emphasized that the Erasmus+ mobility program has allowed him to expand his academic horizons, acquire new knowledge and skills, and build a network of professional contacts and international academic cooperation.

Following the introduction, Momir presented the project he is working on at TU Sofia. The project focuses on the development of digital twins and their application in creating smart campuses. Digital twins are virtual models of physical objects or systems that enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and performance optimization. This technology has a wide range of applications in various industries, particularly in educational institutions, where it improves resource management and enhances the student experience. Momir highlighted the key advantages of using digital twins in the context of smart campuses, such as more efficient infrastructure management and the energy efficiency of the campus.