General info about enrollment

Entrance into the first study year shall be performed on the basis of the University public invitation for application for all study programmes.

The invitation shall be published in a daily issued in Montenegro and run on the University website.

A prospective entrant is obliged to submit an application form and the following documents:

  • Original school-leaving certificate,
  • Original A level certificate,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Diploma ''Luča'' or its equivalent
  • Copy of a new ID card,
  • Application for enrollment (1st yearSpecialist studiesMaster studies)


The right to admission procedure is granted to the candidates who completed high school.

Enrolment of students is performed on the competitive base, in accordance with the results achieved at the end and during the secondary school education, after the ranking procedure is done.

To apply to specific study programs, candidates are obliged to pass admission examinations that are established as additional conditions for admission in this book of rules.

The applicant who does not have appropriate education is obliged to pass a pre-admission exam that is established as an additional condition for admission in this book of rules.

A foreign citizen has the same entrance rights under the same conditions as a citizen of the Republic of Montenegro.

A foreign citizen or a person who has submitted a request for foreign-degree validation i.e. equivalency may be enrolled conditionally in the case when the procedure for validation or equivalency is not completed before the closing date for application.

In case the request for foreign-degree validation i.e. equivalency is denied, or the validated or equivalent foreign-degree does not give the applicant right to enroll the selected study program of the University, the conditional enrollment will be considered as not done.

A foreign student has the status of a student who pays the tuition fees.