ERASMUS+ ICM2018 mobility program

Within the framework of the ERASMUS + credit mobility program, a competition was announced for a two-term study stay at the Faculty of Innovation and Engineering at University Malardalen (Vasteras, Sweeden) for the academic year 2018/2019.

Students of the postgraduate studies (Master of Specialist studies) at the Faculty of Information Technology,Mediteran University,can apply for this competition.

Deadline for applying is until May 29,2018.


  • The ICM 2018 project lasts for two study years and provides scholarships for a total of 7 students of the Faculty for Information Technologies
  • The scholarship refers to the two-term mobility, that is, the entire academic year 2018/2019 (10 months).
  • Students who receive the scholarship have the possibility to obtain two diplomas: a one-year Master’s Degree diploma at the University of Malardalen and a Bachelor of Science / Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Information Technologies.
  • The first round of selection is done by the Faculty of Information Technologies, Mediteran University.
  • The second round of selection is done by the Faculty of Innovation and Engineering, Malardalen University.


MASTER STUDY PROGRAMS (IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE) at the Faculty of Innovation and Engineering, Malardalen University (in English language) :

More about the Malardalen University at :


  • monthly scholarship fee in the amount of 900 EUR (for living expenses)
  • travel expenses of up to 275 EUR
  • visa issuing and insurance are free of charge


When applying for scholarship, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Assessment Transcript (translated into English)
  • CV (Europass format)
  • Scanned first page of the Passport


The application documents must be sent no later than May 29th by e-mail to the Project Coordinators at FIT and the Office for International Cooperation: 

Office for International Cooperation

Amina Murić



Project Coordinators at the Faculty of Information Technologies

Prof.dr Snežana Šćepanović


Mr Tijana Vujičić