Participation of FIT in the UVigo International Erasmus Week

FIT teaching staff, Jakša Backović, M.Sc., and Bojan Nedović, M.Sc., are participating in the International Erasmus Week organized by the Universidade de Vigo (Spain), in the period from May 6 to 10. This event brought together the academic and administrative staff of higher education partner institutions. FIT is a partner in the KA171 mobility program with UVigo.

The theme of this year’s mobility is “Global Perspectives: Encouraging Internationalization in Higher Education”. FIT representatives participated in discussions on the integration of internationalization into various aspects of the university, from administrative frameworks to improving student mobility.

Erasmus Week provides a unique opportunity for the exchange of best practices, experiences and perspectives of a large number of participants, encouraging international dialogue among participants. FIT delegates actively participated in the daily sessions, collaborating with colleagues from different backgrounds to explore methods for navigating the dynamic ecosystem of higher education.