Word from the Dean

Dear colleagues,

At the time of transition and rapid transfer to the information society, the Faculty of Information Technology has special significance and role to educate professionals who are necessary and very important for further development and expansion of information achievements. Computer literacy and implementation of IT tools are significant for business, competitiveness, and profitability, i.e. economic development.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers study programmes of undergraduate (Bachelor), specialist’s and master’s studies with the following courses:

  • Software Engineering,
  • Information Systems, and
  • Computer Networks and Telecommunications.


The Faculty of Information technology is completely open for professional and scientific cooperation, overall communication and constructive proposals for improvements of all forms of various activities that take place at the Faculty or the Faculty is engaged in them outside the institution. By fulfilling specific tasks during the studies, knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of future computer scientists are acquired. Particularly important goal of our Faculty is the communication with students, home and international academic and science and research community. The fact that most of our former students have found employment immediately after graduating is of great significance. During the studies, the internationally recognized certificates for Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and ECDL can be awarded. With the knowledge and skills that our students acquire at the Faculty of Information Technology, territorial boundaries stop being an barrier to employment.

"Take your place!"

Adis Balota, PhD