Tuition fees

Payment of tuition fees at the Faculty of Information Technology

The annual tuition fee for undergraduate studies is € 1,400.00 if paid all at once, € 1,500.00 if paid per semester (€ 750.00 twice - the first part upon enrollment, and the second at the beginning of the summer semester).

An amount of € 1,550.00 is provided for the monthly payment of tuition fees, with 20% (€ 300.00) being paid when enrolling at the faculty, and the rest in ten equal monthly payments.

For specialist studies, the tuition fee is € 1,200.00, the amount changes regardless of the method of payment.

For master's studies, the tuition fee is € 2,000.00, the amount changes regardless of the method of payment.


Of course, there are certain benefits to paying tuition:

  1. Winners of the diploma "Luca A" ("Luca B" has a 20% discount) and persons with disabilities have the right to free enrollment at the faculty at the suggestion of the Student Counseling Office for Students with Disabilities (Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro).
  2. The faculty exempts the best student from paying the tuition fees (who enrolled in the first year of study) on the basis of the achieved success (average grade), in the first and second year, respectively.
  3. Students can secure tuition fees by borrowing from Atlas Bank. You can get more detailed information on the realization of the loan in all branches of Atlas Bank, as well as on the website: