Enrollment – General information

Enrollment of students in the first year of studies is done based on public contest of the University for all study programs.
The contest will be announced in the daily papers which are published in Montenegro and at the website of the University. Enrollment candidates are obligated to submit the application and to attach the following documents:

High School transcript (Original certificate),
Original diploma of passed matriculation i.e. final exam,
Birth Certificate and  “Luča” Certificate or its equivalent,
New ID card copy.
Enrollment application (I year, Postgraduate studies, Master academic studies)
Candidates who finished secondary education earned the right to join the contest for enrollment.
Enrollment of students is done based on competitive basis, in accordance with the results achieved at the end and throughout secondary education, after conducted process or ranking.
Persons who doesn’t have the appropriate secondary education is obligated to pass the differential exam, which serves as an extra condition for enrollment established by this rulebook.
Foreign residents have the right to enroll under the same conditions as residents of Montenegro.
Foreign residents or persons who filed a claim for foreign-degree validation i.e its equivalent, can be enrolled conditionally in the case that the validation process or equivalency is not completed before the closing date for application.
In case that the foreign-degree validation i.e. its equivalent is not denied or that the foreign documents don’t govern you the right to enroll at the selected study program at the University, it will be taken as if the conditional enrollment never happened.
A foreign student has the status of a student that pays tuition fees.