Contest for the first enrollment deadline for the 2018/2019 academic year

We would like to inform you that a contest for the first enrollment deadline for students has been announced for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Candidates submit applications for enrollment from June 25 to June 30, 2018, from 09h -15h. The documentation is submitted to the organizational units – student services of the faculties, at the address Josipa Broza bb. Podgorica.

The ranking of the candidates across all the faculties will be held on July 2, 2018, and the ranking list will be posted that same day on the bulletin boards and web pages of the faculties. Candidates who acquired the right to enroll, do that from July 2 to July 4, 2018, by submitting the documentation to the student services of the faculties in the period from 09h – 15h.



1. The right to enroll for free at any of the faculties of the University “Mediteran”: the ones that earned their “Luča – A” and “Luča – B” diploma, top athletes (Certified by the Ministry of Sport) and persons with disabilities, on the proposal of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro.
2. A student, whose family member is already enrolled at the undergraduate or postgraduate studies, scholarship is reduced by 30%, which means that only one of them has the right to this reduced scholarship depending on their agreement. For each following family member to enroll the tuition fee is non-existent (enrollment is free).
3. A student, being at either the undergraduate,postgraduate or master’s studies, whose parent is permanently employed at the University gets the scholarship reduced by 30%; whilst the second child enrolled gets his scholarship reduced by 50%. For each child of that same employee to enroll after that, the scholarship is free.
4. If a legal entity finances a tuition fee for two employees, it is reduced by 10%; and for three of more employees the tuition fee is reduced by 20%. These same conditions apply to students who work for the same employer, but finance the tuition themselves.

5. The University Board, at the proposal of the organizational units of the University, may, in special cases, decide to release the student from paying the tuition fee for the current year.
6. Organizational units of the University exempt from paying tuition fees up to 5% of the best students by the study year (II and III) of the quota that has become a condition for enrollment in the second or the third year of study.
7. Students can provide tuition funds by credit indebtedness with Atlas Bank. More detailed information about the realization of the loan can be obtained at all the branches of Atlas Bank, as well as on the website:

Studenti koji se besplatno upisuju na Univerzitet po osnovu naznačenih olakšica obavezno dostavljaju dokumentaciju kojom se dokazuje pravo na određenu povlasticu.

Students who are enrolled free of charge at the University on the basis of the already mentioned conditions, are obliged to submit documentation proving the right to a certain privilege.



The annual tuition fee is paid at once in the amount of EUR 1400,00.
The tuition fee can be paid twice in a one year span, when enrolling in the first semester and at the beginning at the II semester, but in this case the tuition fee is EUR 1500,00.
The tuition fee can be paid in 10 equal monthly installments, and in this case the tuition fee is EUR 1550,00.
If the students decides to pay the tuition fee in monthly installments, he/she will be required to pay 20% of the amount of the tuition fee upon enrolling.

More detailed information on the amount of annual tuition fees for the undergraduate,postgraduate,master’s and doctoral studies can be found in the official announcement of the contest, which can be downloaded HERE.